Toptracer is the technology that transformed how we watch golf on TV. It's the ultimate practice tool that offers an engaging, data-driven experience that appeals to everyone. At SportsVille, we equipped 20 of our covered bays with Toptracer Range. The bays are available on first-come-first-serve basis at no additional cost to the bucket price.


While you do not need to download the app to enjoy the features of our Toptracer Range, the app is where most of the magic happens. When you download the free app and create your profile, you can instantly become part of a global golf community. The app stores data from your practice sessions so you can monitor changes and fine tune your swing over time. In addition, the app allows you to join our range leaderboards and around the world.


Leaderboards let our guests see how they stack up against other golfers—from the same range or around the world. They’re updated in real-time to show top performers in each of our game modes. Leaderboards are accessible within the Toptracer Range app and displayed on TV monitors throughout our range facility.

Click on the Toptracer Menu image below to see brief descriptions of the various game modes.


Image of Toptracer Range 2021 Menu