Batting Cages

Batting Cages

Practice, swing away and have fun, it's what matters!

Experience the new revolution in baseball technology at SportsVille and enjoy batting cages in Ridgeville, OH, like never before! Whether you are a little leaguer, a collegiate player, or swing for fun, our baseball and softball batting cages await you.

Our top-notch facilities provide cutting-edge equipment and a secure atmosphere for gamers of all skill levels, whether you're an experienced player or just getting started.

The opportunity to practice your swing while receiving consistent pitching is one of the main advantages of having a batting cage. A batting cage can deliver the ball at the same speed and angle every time, unlike practicing with a partner or coach, allowing you to concentrate on honing your form and timing.

They can also be a fantastic option for team building and training exercises. You may bring your entire squad or group of pals for an enjoyable and successful practice session thanks to the numerous attractions available at the facility such as the toptracer range that allows to play many games at the range, the 18-holes naturally themed mini golf that features many water features and great music compiled from customers' requests.

Overall, Ridgeville's top-notch batting cages are definitely worth checking out if you're trying to advance your baseball or softball abilities. You are sure to discover the ideal practice environment for your needs, thanks to cutting-edge equipment and a selection of solutions for players of all skill levels.

Baseball & Fast-Pitch Softball feature

  • Choose up to three different pitch speeds in each cage prior to starting the game.
  • Adjust the pitch height during play by using the up and down arrows
  • Experience real play environment where where the machines throw calculated balls & strikes


5 Tokens $10
10 Tokens$15
15 Tokens$20
20 Tokens$25
1 hour cage rental$40
Note: Each token will pitch 15 pitches. Rentals must be booked 24 hours in advance