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Joe Battaglia - Instructor / Master Fitter

Joe has been a Golf Instructor and Coach at Cleveland State University, Baldwin Wallace College, Padua, St. Joseph Academy and Fairview High School. Also he is an instructor for the Junior PGA Program and a Certified Golf Club Fitter and repair expert. Joe's passion is being able to help golfers play their best golf.


"I’m 66 years old and have spent well over $1,000 on golf lessons in my life. I’ve gone to GolfTec, the Marriot Golf Academy, The Ledbetter School, Windmill Lakes Golf Center and the Range. All of them put together doesn’t equal what Joe Battaglia was able to teach me in two lessons! He has an incredible ability to keep the game simple and give easy to understand tips & drills. His goal is to make you play better golf NOT try to sign you up for more lessons. If you are looking to take a lesson (from beginner to scratch golfer) I would high, HIGHLY recommend Joe. Simply the best I’ve come across." -- Ken Smith