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We can talk all we want, you really have to play it to believe it!

Practice with purpose, play golf courses, challenge your friends to any of the fun packed games, all without leaving your hitting bay. Who knows, you may be on one of the many local and world leaderboards. Keep scrolling for more info.

Image of Toptracer Range menu
Use this mode to see how you're hitting it while you loosen up. Detailed shot statistics will help you understand where to focus your attention when you move later to My Practice, or games like Virtual Golf.
Toptracer My Practice at SportsVille
Test your clubs' performance, and check your consistency like a Pro with My Practice. Get instant feedback of every shot you hit in any of our Toptracer bays. Connect with the app and and save your practice session to track your progress.
Image of Toptracer Virtual Golf at SportsVille
Play a full 18-hole round of golf, or choose a select number of holes to play on some of the best golf courses around the world. Challenge yourself, or compete against your friends without ever leaving your bay.
Image of Toptracer Long Drive at SportsVille
Grip it and Rip it. DISTANCE is the name of the game, so grab your driver and strike your ball with everything you got. But remember, you must stay on the GRID for your shot to count. Connect with the app and join SportsVille's and global leaderboards.
Image of Toptracer Closest to Pin at SportsVille
Compete on a par 3 hole to get your shot closest to the pin. Every turn consists of three attempts to see who gets the best shot and qualify for the global leaderboard. You may even get a hole-in-one. Connect with the app to qualify for the leaderboards.
Image of Toptracer Points Game at SportsVille
This game is all about accuracy, land close to the targets and rack up some serious points! Play it safe with nearby targets or go for broke and aim further out. Keep your opponents on their toes by hitting the special bonus multiplier rings and rebalance the board in your favor.
Image of Toptracer Driving Challenge at SportsVille
The ultimate test of power and precision on 9 virtual course holes. Hit your best tee shots and points will be rewarded based on distance and precision. The longer the shot the more points are awarded. Be aware, however, if you miss the fairway, or the pin is obstructed, you will be penalized.
Image of Toptracer Approach Challenge at SportsVille
Play a nine hole approach challenge on one of many courses that we have. Hit your best approach shot on each hole and stick the pin. Your distances from the pin on each hole are totaled, so lowest score wins! Be aware that shots into the rough or hazards are penalized, so hit them tight.
Image of Toptracer Go Fish at SportsVille
Gather your team for a thrilling fishing adventure! Earn stars by catching rare fish from the depths of the ocean. Collect the different species in your aquarium and connect your profile to save your progress. A great game to introduce kids to the game of golf.